I had subscribed to the email of James Clear, author of the book Atomic Habits. In a recent mail I got a question from him to ponder. The question is

“What is something wonderful about your life that you rarely appreciate as much as you should? “

What a profound question? While showering I was munching over this in my mind. Many answers started surfacing. I am sure every person will have a different answer for this question.

Is it that, that I have luxury enough to ponder over this question? Or I have time to think over it. We take so many things for granted. And we are used to certain comforts in our urban life. What about clean running tap water? Or the air we breathe through which we inhale oxygen. May be the uninterrupted power supply that we have or a house to live in. Could it be the internet through which we connect with the world outside? Happy family or other relationships that we cherish. Is it the easy availability of food that we have or comfortable bed in which we sleep.

Many thoughts started running in my mind. The question initiated a deep self reflective process. It slowly dawned on me that there are many wonderful things which we rarely appreciate. My friend Mr. K.K.Pillai informed me that, unconditional affection showed by his grandparents, was his answer to the question. What a lovely and deep answer. My other friend Swanand told me that time and relationships, are the things which he should appreciate more. How true?

What you think, your answer is? I understand the answer may change as you grow , go through various experiences of life. But definitely the question makes you aware of what  you are missing to be grateful for or appreciative of.

 I heard a classical raga from my favorite singer Pt. Bhimsen Joshi being played on radio. It was a morning Raga. It was mesmerizing and soul stirring as I was transported to ethereal realm. Then it registered in my mind that I rarely appreciate my body. Through which I was able to listen to the divine music, see the majestic beauty of the nature, kiss soft lips of a beloved or caress the tender skin of new born baby and smell fragrance of flowers. My body is the wonderful thing, that I should appreciate more. What do you think?

This thought lingered in my mind for long. Then I realized that I should appreciate life itself. The pulsating, aliveness in my body, without which I would not have been able to enjoy the world through my five senses. Life in itself should be appreciated for. It is wonderful, a miracle. Is it not? Being alive, is a wonderful thing that we rarely appreciate. As Suzuki Roshi says” To live is enough.”

I found this lovely poem from Delores Wiltse on internet.

I feel something inside that connects with the sun
A warm glow radiating, sharing with everyone
I feel something inside that connects to the stars
An inner aliveness, electrons dancing afar
I feel something inside that connects me to flowers
An inner stillness, an inner graceful power
I feel something inside that connects to birds in flight
Freedom reigning, soaring with all their might
I feel something inside awakening when I hear birds singing
A melodious joy within is increasing
I feel something inside resonating with that tree
Presence, strength and stability
I feel something within as I look at the grass
Resonating abundance, it is so vast
I feel something within stirring when I see the water
Comfort and breathing space of inner power
I feel something within connected to the mountain top

A higher perspective, being able to see the whole lot
I feel something growing within me when I look at the sky
Calm and peace, spreading so wide
I feel something within resonating with all of nature
An aliveness and a deep connection with our creator        


So, what is your answer to this question. I will be delighted to read that. Do share.